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Innovative Home Care

Participant-direction does not mean doing things all by yourself. Consumer Direct Care Network District of Columbia (CDDC) is here to help support you as you gain control over your choices and your life when you decide to take on the responsibility of hiring, training, and managing your own employees.

If you are a UnitedHealthcare member who is dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid and you are on the Medicaid Elderly and Persons with Physical Disabilities (EPD) Waiver, we can assist you by providing orientation and training when you choose to participant-direct your services through the Services My Way program. We also serve as the vendor fiscal/employer agent for financial management services to help you with burdensome paperwork including processing your employees’ timesheets, withholding payroll taxes, and processing payroll.

Consumer Direct Care Network provides superior customer service for thousands of people just like you across the country. Our knowledgeable and caring staff can help you succeed in self-directing your own care so that you can remain independent in your own home.