We are thrilled to announce Merritt Perry as one of our five Direct Support Professionals of the Year.

We are thrilled to announce Merritt Perry as one of our five Direct Support Professionals of the Year.  Mrs. Perry takes care of Ms. Claudine Hudson, who was born in 1909 and will be 110 years old this upcoming March! Merritt proves that support at any age is a timeless art as she looks after Claudine’s emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being so that she can continue her life’s journey.

Ms. Hudson is a retired schoolteacher and her former students still come to visit her, illustrating the impact she has had on her community, and the respect they have for her. Dolores, Claudine’s sister, nominated Merritt for the award; she explains her great reverence for Merritt’s commitment to do whatever it takes to maintain Ms. Hudson’s life by recalling a fateful day:

One morning, just as Mrs. Perry finished bathing and dressing her, Claudine suddenly began to have breathing difficulties and sweating, with a strange staring look on her face. Mrs. Perry immediately started talking with Claudine, insisting that Claudine answer her questions. Concurrently, Mrs. Perry started to apply cold compresses to Claudine’s face, relentless in her questioning. Mrs. Perry continued her questions and compresses for over 10 minutes until Claudine started to re-focus and answer her questions. When EMS arrived and took over Claudine’s care, taking her vitals, one EMT remarked that Mrs. Perry’s actions probably saved Claudine’s life.

Mrs. Perry has not missed any time during her work with Claudine, demonstrating her commitment to service. Her intuitive attention to detail keeps Claudine calm and stress-free as Claudine knows household chores and daily tasks will be taken care of. When asked what it means to be a direct support professional, Merritt’s response emphasized her commitment to service:

I am extremely proud of the opportunity to be a Direct Support Professional. It is a joy to see Ms. Hudson living in her own home interacting with visitors, which include family, neighbors, and friends. She looks forward to prayer, singing hymns, and communion service once a month with her pastor, the missionaries, and her class leader. Ms. Hudson lives a beautiful life and with the assistance of Consumer Direct Care Network, she is deeply appreciated. Thank you for the opportunity.

Merritt, thank you for your service and the dedication with which you provide it. Your care runs deep and is an inspiration to us. We appreciate you as a direct support professional and a valued member of the community.

Your Consumer Direct Care Network team