About Us

Who We Are

Consumer Direct Care Network District of Columbia (CDDC) provides in-home care assistance and superior customer service to unique people just like you through the District’s Services My Way programs.  

You are a valued member of your community, and we help you stay involved. If you are a UnitedHealthcare member who is dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid and you are on the Medicaid Elderly and Persons with Physical Disabilities (EPD waiver), we can assist you by providing orientation and training when you choose to participant-direct your services.

We also serve as the vendor fiscal/employer agent for financial management services to help you with burdensome paperwork including processing your employees’ timesheets, withholding payroll taxes, and processing payroll.

Services My Way includes two specific EPD waiver services.

  1. Participant-Directed Community Supports is available only to EPD waiver participants enrolled in the Services My Way program. When using this service, the participant or his/her authorized representative is the common law employer of their Participant Directed Worker (PDW).
  1. Individual Directed Goods and Services are services, equipment, or supplies not otherwise provided through the EPD waiver or state plan. These goods and services must address an identified need in the participant’s Person-Centered Plan (PCP). For a list of Allowable and Non-Allowable Goods and Services, see the Participant Guidebook, Appendix B.

We are here to assist you.

Who We Serve

CDDC’s services are designed to help you succeed in participant-directing your care so you can remain independent in your own home and active in your community.

Participant-direction does not mean doing things by yourself. If you or a loved one is a UnitedHealthcare member enrolled in the Medicaid EPD waiver, our knowledgeable and caring staff is here to help support you as you gain control over your choices and your life when you decide to take on the responsibility of hiring, training, and managing your own employees.

CDDC supports your evolving needs.

Where We Work

CDDC provides in-home care assistance and superior customer service throughout the District of Columbia.  

Our community-based office is staffed with local and caring personnel ready to provide superior customer service to help you succeed in directing your own care.

Our District of Columbia Office

How We Serve

At CDDC, we understand you are the expert when it comes to the care you need, and we are here to support your choices. You’ve spent a lifetime making your own decisions. Your in-home care should be no different.

We Support Your Independence

– Stay in your home and community
– Choose your own caregivers, potentially your friends or family
– Independence – YOU are in control

Our job is to help make your home care journey easy.