We Specialize in Participant-Directed Care

Consumer Direct Care Network was founded in 1990 to provide in-home nursing care. Since that time, our range of services has expanded in both scope and size to include a broad spectrum of in-home care services across the nation, including the District of Columbia.

Caring for others comes naturally to Washingtonians. Our mission is to provide quality care and support to families and people of all ages, including older adults, children, and individuals with physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities, so they can remain safe, healthy, and independent in their homes and communities.

How we support your in-home care needs:

  • Services My Way
    • Individual Directed Goods and Services
    • Participant-Directed Community Supports

Our team has extensive experience with Medicaid and Services My Way EPD Waiver programs. Our goal is to take the complexity out of managing caregivers and utilizing Long-term Services and Supports through excellent customer service. If you would like to join the thousands of people we have helped succeed in directing their in-home care, contact us.

We are here to help you live the life you choose.


What Makes Us Unique


We believe in person-centered, in-home care


Community based office and staff


98% of clients are happy with our services